Customer / Project / Volume



Treuhandanstalt (THA) Berlin



Project-Management and training of the THA Teamleader during developing and installation of the first central THA Host-based program for collecting and processing notarial data to retransfer former GDR properties.



DM 15 Mio., 15 employees from 3 companies



Landesbank Berlin (LBB)



Project-Management Installation of the new Trading Floor containing 43 Trading desks on 450 m≤ incl. Relocation-Management for the traders. Complete technical aspects of Trading Floor and infrastructure (HW, SW, Technicians-Room, Video-Switch, PBX, UPS, Air Conditioning, Electric, Lighting, Furniture, TV).



DM 9,5 Mio., 10 employees and 10 companies



Landesbank Berlin (LBB)



Project-Management for the second stage of the new Trading Floor with additional 45 Trading desks and 10 Back-Office-Desks on 500 m≤ complete with traderís furniture, Technician-Room, cables, planning and realization of the traders relocations and building up Directorís office incl. Secretariat (Installation of new walls, ceiling, water, electricity).



DM 3,5 Mio., 4 employees and 10 companies



Landesamt z. Regelung offener Vermögensfragen (LAROV)



Project Management for Installation of the first paperless Public Administration with 700 employees, using Client/Server based Image Processing "office like". All Real Estate files are read via scanners. The result of the administratve decision is indicated via monitor.



DM 20 Mio., up to 40 employees from 4 companies



Management-Assistant at Softlab Ltd., Berlin Branch

Banks, Insurance, Govmt.


Marketing, Acquisition and Proposal-Management in the Project Business for business areas Banking and Insurance plus Government.



Heinz Annus Ltd., Berlin

Meat Wholeseller


Reorganization of the basic and current documentation necessary to reach EG-Approval for Meat Wholesale Trader (EG-Approval was given 6 weeks later).



Dr. Seebauer & Partners, Munic (Facility Mgmt.)

Strat. Contractors Services


Acquisition support for Real Estate Projects, User Manual for simple processing of high quality presentations in the Real Estate business.



Bankgesellschaft Berlin AG



Project-Coordination of the follow-on-activities after relocation to Alexanderplatz, Facility-Management incl. reviews and optimization of the operational parameters in the Investment Banking Division, Problem-Management and Trouble-Shooting for the Trading Floor area.




IT Service Provider


Reorganization of current Service Contracts, developing and processing of Service Level Agreements. Negotiation and completion of contracts with external Service Providers, Contract-Management, Multi Vendor Management.